Make Your Photoshoot Look Professional and FUN!

We have the perfect photo opportunities in Coralville, IA!

Have you been wanting to take festive and fun photos for your Instagram or birthday party? The Influence is one of the best photoshoot locations in the Midwest. We can cater to any occasion or event and make sure your photo experience meets your dreams.

Contact us in Coralville, IA today to check our availability.

Pick your package

No matter the occasion, ​we can provide the ultimate photo experience, while simultaneously providing various photo exhibits to capture timeless photos!​ We have several packages to choose from, including:

Day photoshoot pass:

$23.50 per person

Get access to 19+ different photo ops that will inspire your inner creativity​
10 and younger are $10 per child

Visit the ultimate ​photoshoot location​ in ​Coralville, IA​ today, and make your event one to remember​!  

Parties with a group size of 10 people or more get 15% off their admission ticket price. ONLY $20! This sale does not apply to kids 10 years or younger.”

Check out our photography service page if you are interested in having your pictures professionally taken at The Influence or other locations!”

 *Please note: If you choose to have a custom sign​ provided​, the sign is property of The Influence and you may not leave with the sign. 

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