Are walk-ins welcome?

Yes!! We would love to see you, your friends, family, or date!

What should I do if I want to book an event?

We would love to host an event for you! Please visit our Events Page and select the desired event package you are interested in!

Do I need to bring my own camera or selfie stick?

No, you do not have to! We offer rentals or available photography products for purchase in store. With that being said, you are welcome to bring a camera, a phone, a selfie stick, or anything you would need to get a great picture if you choose to!

Is there a time limit?

NO TIME LIMIT! When you purchase a ticket, you are able to stay and take pictures for as long as you would like but once you leave the store you cannot come back in and take pictures without purchasing another ticket.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

We accept all major credit cards and of course cash!

Is this a kid friendly environment?

YES! We are a very family-friendly destination!

Are food and beverages allowed inside?

Food and drinks are not allowed. We ask that you finish all food and drinks before coming into The Influence!

Can I bring my professional camera?

YES! Unlike most places we allow you to bring your professional camera for photos, but we do not allow any additional professional photography equipment! We do recommend looking at our videographer/photographer package if you are interested in bringing your additional photography equipment!

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